Hope Festival
Hope Festival
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Our Vision

Introduced an easy to use program for non-profit organizations, churches and individuals. Distribute at homeless shelters, food pantries, distribute to individuals in the church, Celebrate Recovery, AA meetings, friends, family, neighbors or anyone who needs to be reminded there is HOPE!

Sweatshirt of HOPE provides a warm sweatshirt to persons who feel HELPLESS, HOPELESS and or HOMELESS with a word of encouragement and HOPE that we have in God. You can make a difference by giving a sweatshirt with the message of HOPE!

Are YOU or do you know someone struggling?

Loneliness, anger, a difficult marriage, wayward children, finances, co-workers, health issues, depression, infertility, homeless or addiction? Give sweatshirt with words that remind them there is HOPE. God loves us!

HOPE is trusting things we cannot see, but know it is possible to attain with God's help.

It’s COLD, so consider giving a Sweatshirt to someone who needs warmth and encouragement? Our program shares the message of HOPE to the HELPLESS, HOPELESS and or HOMELESS. If you or your organization want to purchase in bulk as a giveaway message me.

God wants each one of us to know we have HOPE because of the cross, no matter if we are rich or poor, have a nice house or living on the street, a successful person or an addict. But for the grace of God that could be me. Take the challenge and give HOPE to the Hopeless.

Looking to heal from struggles or lack of self-satisfaction?

Take the focus off of yourself by serving others. Give a warm cozy sweatshirt, share God’s love, and give a part of your heart and the message that there is HOPE though the Cross and you will be blessed. Guaranteed!

Our Mission

To be the hands and feet of Christ!

The Issue

Many people struggle in silence in this dark self-serving world not knowing where to turn. With suicide, depression, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, addiction, finances, a wayward child, marriage, a long-term illness can bring us down. So, I cry out to you to talk with someone today! Call our prayer hotline or be vulnerable and call a trusted friend and share your struggle. Don't carry the burden along. God Loves You!

Our Purpose

To provide a warm hooded sweatshirt to persons needing HOPE!

Get Involved

You… personally give a warm cozy sweatshirt, shares God’s love, give a part of your heart and share the blessings of HOPE though the Cross to those struggling.

Board of Directors

Terry S Derstine - Director & Founder

Linda N Derstine - Secretary

Rita L Landis - CPA & Treasurer

John Yoast - Radio Station Manager 107.5 Alive FM

Mario Araya - Sales & Marketing for Bimbo Bakeries

Living Streams Sweatshirt of Hope

Stories of Hope

We learned we are not made to carry our
burden by ourselves!


Give a part of your heart and share the blessings of HOPE though the Cross to those struggling.

Strategic Partners

We partner with other Non-Profits to help provide You and Our Community the Best Support Possible!